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Since we founded our company, we have cleaned numerous commercial properties for clients in the area. If you have used our janitorial or office cleaning service, we are interested to know what you think about the results we provided. Visit our cleaning company’s Google Business page and leave your commercial cleaning contractor a review!

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SCA Commercial Cleaning
Average rating:  
 20 reviews
by Alice C. Haas on SCA Commercial Cleaning

The janitorial service we received was top-notch. The janitors were dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness and order of our office space. Their regular service ensured that our workplace remained in pristine condition.

by John M. Tellier on SCA Commercial Cleaning
A Reliable Contractor

The office cleaning service was a game-changer for our workspace. The team ensured every nook and cranny was free from dirt and clutter. Their attention to maintaining a professional and sanitary office was highly commendable.

by Manuela V. Benton on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Thank You

Our experience with the commercial building cleaning service was exceptional. The team tackled the cleaning of our large facility with efficiency and precision. They consistently provided a clean and well-maintained environment for our business.

by Michael J. Snodgrass on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Excellent Services

The floor maintenance service significantly improved the appearance and durability of our floors. The team's expertise in floor care and maintenance was evident. They successfully restored and maintained our floors, extending their longevity.

by Maria G. Horton on SCA Commercial Cleaning

Our experience with the commercial cleaning service was excellent. The team consistently delivered spotless results, paying attention to every detail. Their thorough cleaning made our workplace a more hygienic and welcoming environment.

by Johnathan R. on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Janitorial Service

I've been using this company for over a year now and felt that I need to let other companies seeking a great company for their cleaning services I want to recommend calling this company we are very satisfied with the service.

by Kathy Singletary on SCA Commercial Cleaning

SCA commercial Cleaning Company did a fantastic job for us this weekend. We only had the weekend to get our floors stripped and waxed. On Monday morning, we were ready to open. The floors were bright and shiny. What a difference! Thank you Sameul and Staff.

by Samuel Dowd on SCA Commercial Cleaning
They Have Earned My Trust

Obviously, there are certain qualities you look for when hiring a janitorial service provider, and meticulous standards and a good work ethic are among the top. But having a company that you can trust is priceless! I have worked with the team of this company for many years now (it takes time to build trust), and I can categorically say that they are among the most trustworthy people I have ever had the pleasure to hire. They never let me down, and I would never choose to replace them. Keep up the great job you do!

by C. Osborn on SCA Commercial Cleaning
They Keep My Office Clean and Healthy

Anyone who runs a successful business will tell you the importance of keeping your workforce healthy and happy. Regular cleaning of an office helps to eradicate bacteria and germs that would otherwise be left to multiply and eventually cause staff to become unwell and have to take sick days. Having worked with this commercial cleaning company for quite a few years now, I can report that the sickness in my office environment is kept to an absolute minimum because of their hard work and thoroughness. They are a pleasure to do business with and will modify their cleaning program and tailor it to your specific needs. You can't get better than that.

by A. Hayden on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Something of a Rarity These Days

Knowing a few business associates that have used the professional janitorial service from this company made hiring them to work for me a bit of a no-brainer. They have lived up to the praise they were given and my own high expectations in every way. I find them to be honest, hard-working professionals that are dedicated to delivering a service that is second to none - something that is quite rare these days!

by Gordon Gregory on SCA Commercial Cleaning
You Can Expect Perfection From This Company

Not having much footfall at the gallery I manage means that the place stays pretty clean most of the time. But when it does show signs of becoming dirty, I call the professionals at this company to give it a thorough going over. They offer a comprehensive building cleaning program that not only covers the basics - it even gets into every nook and corner to ensure everything looks perfect.

by Cynthia D on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Full of Praise for the Work They Do

The previous manager at our company thought that getting the staff to wipe their desks once a week would be sufficient to maintain cleanliness and save money. Not only did standards drop considerably, but once the cases of sickness almost doubled, changes were bound to occur. I was made the office manager almost a year ago, and I can safely say that the status quo has well and truly been restored with the dedication of the staff providing the office cleaning service from this company. Everyone in the office looks healthier and happier to work in a spotlessly clean environment. I can't thank this company enough!

by Krissy's Kwik Tax on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Immediate and amazing service

I contacted SCA last minute to have my office space cleaned, I was immediately contacted, received an in person quote that was affordable, and then received great service on the agreed upon date and time. My office is spotless and smells wonderful. I will continue to utilize this company

by Yamamah Isa on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Clean Floor.

The SCA crew did an amazing job cleaning the floor of a commercial property I leased. They pulled up an old carpet that was glued down to the tile. The worked very hard cleaning up the glue off the tile, being careful not to damage it. They then were able to strip and polish the floors like new. I would recommend SCA.

by William N. Wall on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Exemplary Service

Your professional janitorial service was an exemplary one and it's really good to see that all aspects of your service are high-end. I'm glad that you are here and able to render assistance every time I need to have my office clean and shiny. Thank you for your five-star service and see you next time.

by Pauline J. Arana on SCA Commercial Cleaning

You did an amazing building cleaning. The whole premise looks better and also smells better. The latter was even more important than the former, as the accumulated dust and debris was smelling awful and that kind of experience was not good for business. That's why I must say that I value your five-star service highly. Thank you very much!

by Steven K. Schoen on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Superb Assistance

I recommend this company to anyone who is in need of an office cleaning service. My company and I are closing the office here and yet I won't go away without mentioning our beloved janitors and their company. We are really appreciating their years with us and wish them good fortune with future clients - they deserve it. Call them today!

by Annette C. Lopez on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Awesome Work

I called you for janitorial service and while I didn't expect to be just a one-off thing, I'm pleasantly surprised that you did such an amazing job. You showed some incredible skills and the work that you did will surely improve the mood of the people who work for us. Thank you very much and see you next time!

by Lester P. Oliver on SCA Commercial Cleaning
Excellent Work

Your commercial cleaning was an excellent, well-done job, provided by skilled professionals. I'm generous with the superlatives only when I see that someone exceeds the expectations and you did that indeed. The whole office space is sparkling. It was a five-star service and I will surely use your skills again. Thank you very much for your efforts! Will recommend.

by John H. on SCA Commercial Cleaning

My company has been using this commercial cleaning service for years to clean my office space, and they have continued to do an amazing job. Everything is always spotless, and I never have to go after them to make sure of it. They have such affordable prices, and their work is great.

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